Sunday Bulletin 4/30/23

Bulletin as of April 29 2023


Christos Voskrese! Voistinu Voskrese!


Saturday, Apr. 29  –  The 9 Holy Martyrs of Cyzice

5:00 PM          Santa Paula Outreach Divine Liturgy

Sunday, Apr. 30  –  Sunday of the Paralytic Man           

8:30 AM          Matins

9:30 AM          Divine Liturgy

Monday, May 1  –  Jeremiah, Prophet      

8:30 AM          Morning Prayer

4:00 PM          Evening Prayer

5:30 PM          Akathist* for those suffering Addictions & Mental Illness

Wednesday, May 3  –  Mid Pentecost – Passing of the Venerable Theodosius of the Cave

8:30 AM          Morning Prayer


Saturday, May 6  –  Job, Venerable        

5:00 PM          Santa Paula Outreach Divine Liturgy

6:30 PM          Reader Vespers

Sunday, May 7  –  Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

8:30 AM          Matins

9:30 AM          Divine Liturgy

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St. Mary’s: Sundays 8:45 AM or by appointment

Santa Paula: Saturdays 4:15 PM or by appointment


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The Carlin Family, Michael Hefferon, Shirley Kunze, Michael Mina, Peter Mina, Fr, John Mina, Mila Mina, Lana Zimmerman, Patrick Zimmerman, Shannon O’Neill, Fern Bonowicz, Melanie Murray, Gene Francis, All the sick and suffering of St. Mary’s


Collection: $1,159.00; Online: $360.00; Santa Paula: $1,865.00; Candles: $68.05; Catholic Home Missions: $300.00

Total: $3,752.05 / Attendance – PSM: 63 VCO: 50


Mark Your Calendar

  • Sunday, 14 May:  Mother’s Day
  • Thursday, 18 May:  Ascension of Our Lord Divine Liturgy in Sherman Oaks on Wednesday 17 May at 6:30pm.  Santa Paula TBA.  Day of Obligation
  • Saturday, 27 May:  5thAll-Soul’s Saturday:  Divine Liturgy at 9:30am
  • Monday, 29 May:  Pentecost Monday: Divine Liturgy with procession at 6:30pm


Sundays of Water and the Spirit

Today and the next two Sundays provide Byzantine Christians, and especially the newly-enlightened (neophytes, the newly-baptized) an opportunity to continue to reflect on the immense consequences of the re-birth that baptism provides. The Gospel proclaimed on each of these three Sundays reveal Christ’s use of water to bring about the New Creation that His death and resurrection initiated. At the first creation “the earth was formless and void, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.” (Genesis 1:2) We see both water and the Spirit again when Jesus tells Nicodemus in John 3:5: “I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless he is born of water and the Spirit.” Look for reflections on baptism as healing, hope, sustenance, confidence, forgiveness, wisdom and courage these next few weeks!


“Take up your mat and walk.” Our Lord can make us well, and it is always His will that we are able to walk, spiritually speaking. When we unite ourselves to His will we can bring healing to this world. Is He calling you or someone you know to do so by a vocation to the monastic life, the diaconate in Christ or the priesthood? Contact the Vocations Office at 206-329-9219 or email:

Saturday, April 29 –

  • 11:00 AM