Aug. 17 The Holy Martyr Myron

Bulletin as of August 16 2023

The holy martyr Myron was a priest in the town of Achaia. He was of wealthy and prominent origin, yet was kind and meek by nature- a lover of both God and man. During the reign of Emperor Decius, on the Feast of the Nativity of Christ, pagans charged into the church, dragged Myron out of the service, and subjected him to torture by fire. During this torture, and angel appeared to him and encouraged him. The pagans began to peel his skin in strips from his head to his feet. The martyr grabbed one such strip of skin and struck his torturer, the judge, on his face with it. As though possessed, the judge grabbed a sword and killed himself. Finally, the pagans took Myron to the city of Cyzicus, and slew him there with the sword, in the year 250.



Your martyr Myron, O Lord our God, in his struggle received an incorruptible crown from You. With Your strength, he brought down the tyrants and broke the cowardly valor of demons. Through his prayers, O Christ our God, save our souls.



From your tenderest years you loved Christ and kept all His commandments, O most glorious Myron. You followed Him quickly with your innocence, and it is fitting that you now keep company with angels. Seek the forgiveness of sins for those who honor you.



2 Corinthians 7: 1-10

Brothers and sisters: since we have these promises, beloved, let us purify ourselves from every defilement of flesh and spirit, and in the fear of God strive to fulfill our consecration perfectly. 

Make room for us in your hearts! We have injured no one, we have corrupted no one, we have cheated no one. I do not condemn you. I have already said that you are in our hearts, even to the sharing of death and life together. I speak to you with utter frankness and boast much about you. I am filled with consolation, and despite my many afflictions my joy knows no bounds. 

When I arrived in Macedonia I was restless and exhausted. I was under all kinds of stress — quarrels with others and fears writhing myself. But God, who gives hearts to those who are low in spirit, gave me strength with the arrival of Titus. This he did, not only by his arrival but by the reinforcement Titus had already received from you; for he reported your longing, your grief and your ardent concern for me, so that my joy is greater still. If I saddened you by my letter I have no regrets. Or if I did feel some regret (because I understand that the letter caused you grief for a time), I am happy once again; not because you were saddened, but because your sadness led to repentance. You were filled with sorrow that came from God; thus you did not suffer any loss from us. Indeed, sorrow for God’s sake produces a repentance without regrets, leading to salvation, whereas worldly sorrow brings death. 



Mark 1: 29-35

At that time immediately upon leaving the synagogue, Jesus entered the house of Simon and Andrew with James and John. Simon’s mother-in-law lay I’ll with a fever, and the first thing they did was to tell Jesus about her. Jesus went over to her and grasped her hand and helped her up, and the fever left her. She immediately began to wait on them. 

After sunset, as evening drew on, they brought to Jesus all who were ill, and those possessed by demons. Before long the whole town was gathered outside the door. Those whom he cured, who were variously afflicted, were many, and so were the demons he expelled. But he would not permit the demons to speak, because they knew him. Rising early the next morning, he went off to a lonely place in the desert; there he was absorbed in prayer. 

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