Divine Light in the Soul

Bulletin as of June 5 2021

 From Community of Grace, Chapter 5, “Come Take Light”

For today as from a bridal chamber, Christ has shone forth from the tomb, and filled the women with joy, saying Proclaim the glad tidings to the apostles!

–Paschal Matins

In this week’s chapter, a story tells about an Alcoholic named Al. Al is unconvinced about God, but offers a humble and contrite prayer that results in a being of Light removing his sickness and infusing him with divine love. We may not believe this is possible any longer for us; maybe God will only do this for unbelievers. But aren’t we unbelievers in a way when we stop believing that God can hear a sincere prayer and do wonders in our hearts? Challenge yourself to trust again. God can act in us! Offer him sincere prayer! Ask him to rekindle the joy of your salvation!

In Christ,

Saturday, June 5 –

  • 1:44 PM