Feb. 17 The Holy Great Martyr Theodore the Recruit

Bulletin as of February 16 2023

The holy Great martyr Theodore the Recruit (Tyro) was a soldier in the city of Alasium of the Pontine district (a northeastern province of Asia Minor along the Black Sea), under command of a certain Brincus. They commanded him to offer sacrifice to idols. St. Theodore firmly confessed his faith in Christ the Savior in a loud voice. The commander gave him several days to think it over, during which time St.Theodore prayed.  They charged him with setting the pagan temple on fire, and threw him into prison to starve to death. The Lord Jesus Christ appeared to him there, comforting and encouraging him. Brought to the governor, St. Theodore boldly and fearlessly confessed his faith, for which he was subjected to new torments and condemned to burning. The martyr Theodore climbed onto the fire without hesitation, and with prayer gave up his holy soul to God in 306. 



Marvels  of faith! The holy martyr Theodore rejoiced amid the licking flames, just as if he were splashing in cool water. Made a holocaust in the fire, he was offered like sweetbreads to the Trinity. Save our souls through his prayers, O Christ our God. 



Believing in Christ with all your might, you struck a mighty blow to the enemy. You received an eternal crown of glory, O long-suffering and victorious Theodore. 

The Friday of Cheesefare week is an aliturgical day.

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