Feb. 7 Our Venerable Father Parthenius, Bishop of Lampsacus

Bulletin as of February 6 2024

Our venerable father Parthenius was the son of a deacon from the town of Melitopolis. As a child he remembered well the words of the Gospel and endeavored to fulfill them. He settled near a lake, where he fished. Then he sold the fish and distributed the money to the poor. By God’s providence he was chosen as bishop of Lampsacus. He cleansed the town of paganism, closed the idolatrous temples, built many churches and strengthened believers in the faith. Through prayer he healed every manner of illness and was particularly powerful over evil spirits. On one occasion when he wanted to cast out an evil spirit from an insane man, the evil spirit begged him not to do so. Parthenius said to him: “I will give you another man whom you can enter, and then him you can dwell.” The evil spirit asked him: “Who is this man?” “I am that man,” replied the saint. “Enter and dwell in me.” Upon hearing this, the evil spirit fled as though burned by fire, crying out: “How can I enter into the house of God?” St. Parthenius lived a long time and through his work manifested an abundant love for God and man. Pathenius entered into eternal rest of Christ in the fourth century.


God of our fathers, You always deal with us in Your kindness. Take not Your mercy away from us; but through your prayers guide our life in peace. 


O God-wise Parthenius, you have received the grace of miracles. O God-bearing father, you have dispelled all the passions of the faithful, and you have cast out the evil spirits. Therefore, we praise you, the perfect contemplator of divine truths.

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