Filling our Lives

Bulletin as of September 24 2021

From our book club text, Everywhere Present and Filling all Things, Chapter 5, we read, “’Practical  Atheism,” meaning by it that, although a person may espouse a belief in God, it is quite possible for that belief to be so far removed from everyday life that God’s nonexistence would make little difference.”

Have you thought about this? If you stopped going to church, where else in your everyday life would you find a significant difference? After the shutdowns, due to the CoronaVirus, some people never came back to church. For the most part, they found that for them, God really did not make a difference in their life, so “why bother even coming back?” On the other hand, many of us can look at every day, every hour, every moment, and we know God makes all the difference in a meaningful life. On the more narrow scale of balancing God’s importance, we may need to more heavenly weigh God’s significance in certain parts of our lives’. Where God is not permitted to make a difference because we do not want him too? God is life. If we want to benefit from all He has to offer, we must allow Him into all sectors of our lives; otherwise, certain parts or even all of our lives’ will be dead. 

Friday, September 24 –

  • 12:47 PM