From Darkness to Light

Bulletin as of December 19 2021

The Gospel of John, Chapter 1, tells us that The Light of Christ came into darkness. The world was dark before the savior came. This fasting season moves from darkness to light in the Nativity of Our Lord God and Savior, Jesus Christ! Perhaps you are experiencing this already in your own life. The more that God wants you to experience the liturgical life the more you may find yourself looking forward to the Nativity. Many pastors have told me that on Good Friday, right before Resurrection Sunday, their lives suddenly get difficult: The pain prepares them to experience with greater depth the Resurrection. During this, our Winter Pascha, remember that there was darkness and then there was light. Do not focus on what is wrong, but on what God is going to make right, so you will abide in the light and not in the darkness.

Fr. Nathan Symeon 

Sunday, December 19 –

  • 5:20 PM