Great-Martyr George

Bulletin as of April 24 2023
Along with being the Sunday of the Myrrh-Bearers, this is also the feast of the Great-Martyr George. 
We have an icon of the Great-Martyr on the back wall of the temple next to the stairwell. 
George was a very accomplished and virtuous soldier.  The emperor was becoming very “successful” in bringing a false-peace to the empire, and saw Christians, who were “not of this world” as an inconvenience.  George immediately confessed his faith and was severely tortured.  The witness of his perseverance in faith converted many, even the emperor’s own wife.  He had both George and his own wife killed for their faith. 
Before the persecution, while serving as a soldier, George came upon a pagan town where a massive serpent was possessed by a demon.  The townspeople were offering their own children to the serpent to keep it from killing more.  George proclaimed the name of the trinity, then wounded the serpent and had the governor’s daughter (the next in line to be killed) lead it around like a tame dog before he killed it.  This event is portrayed in the icon on our temple wall.   

Monday, April 24 –

  • 10:55 AM