Is Jesus Lord in your life?

Bulletin as of August 1 2021

The St. Mary’s Proto-Cathedral book club is now reading Everywhere Present and Filling all Things: Christianity in a One-Storey Universe. The Introduction reads, “In the ‘one-storey universe’ has become a dualistic segregation of God from human life in the ‘two storey’ model, in which God is absent from the first floor, and people begin to wonder if there is anyone home up there.” (p. 1) The secular view of reality allows God in the realm of spiritual things, but rejects him from all other things: political, scientific, historical, etc. This is problematic for the Christian worldview, not least because it keeps God away from our daily life, but also because it denies the essential Christian message, “Jesus is Lord.” Lord of what? Lord only of religion, or is Jesus Lord of all creation?

-Fr. Nathan Symeon

Sunday, August 1 –

  • 4:37 AM