Is Sheltering our Kids in the Church Wrong?

Bulletin as of May 22 2021

From our text, Community of Grace, Chapter 4, “It Takes a Village” we read that an elderly grandmother who, in response to someone who claimed focusing on church community shelters children too much, retorted “What’s wrong with being sheltered?…It meets my needs.”

The author goes on to note, “Thinking later about this lively discussion, I wondered why some people insist that ‘sheltering’ children is a bad idea. What does that word mean, anyway? The dictionary says that shelter is derived from ‘shield troop,’ literally a body of men protected by interlocked shields. A shelter covers and protects from danger or the elements. Our Sunday school teachers taught us that Adam and Eve were sheltered in the Garden, that Noah and his family took refuge in the ark, and that Moses was covered by God’s own hand. Churches have always been places of refuge, and God himself is called a ‘fortress.’”

Jesus tells us that he sends us out as sheep among wolves (Matt. 10:16). Our children will be sent out one day as well. But for now, as they are being nurtured in our care, aren’t we to shelter them in preparation for that day, even as Jesus did for his disciples? Fr. Mike and I would love to talk to you about this if you have any thoughts.

In Christ,

Fr. Nathan Symeon

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