June 12 Our Venerable Fathers Onuphrius and Peter of Athos

Bulletin as of June 11 2024

Our venerable father Onuphrius the Great was an anchorite who piously spent his life for sixty years in the desolate wilderness in the late 4th and early 5th centuries.

Our venerable father Peter of Mt. Athos was a soldier by profession. Captured and imprisoned by Arabs, he was miraculously freed. He immediately set out for Rome, where he was tonsured a monk by the pope. He was guided in a vision to Mt. Athos, and spent thirty-five years in ascetic life in the 8th century. 


Troparion – Onuphrius

You entered the desert, being led by spiritual yearning; and you fought in it for many years like an angel. You are the equal of Elijah and the Baptist, and you were delighted by the Sacred Mysteries ministered by angel hands. Now that you have gone to them in the Trinity’s light, pray for us who venerate your memory. 


Troparion – Peter

The mountain of Athos rejoices, inviting all the monastic choirs to praise you. We join with them in singing to you, O venerable Peter, and we lay our petition before you: Seek peace for the world and mercy for our souls. 


Kontakion – Onuphrius

Illumined by the light of the most Holy Spirit, you turned your back on the distractions of this life. Taking up your life in the desert, O venerable father, you greatly pleased God our Creator. For this reason, Christ exalts you, O blessed saint. 


Kontakion – Peter

Leaving the company of mortals, you took up residence in caves and caverns, inspired by your love of God and the ardent burning desire of your soul. You received a crown from God for this. Now pray unceasingly for all of us to be saved. 



Romans 11: 2b-12

Brothers and sisters: Do you know what Scripture says about Elijah, how he pleaded with God against Israel? “Lord, they have killed your prophets, they have torn down your altars; I alone am left and they are seeking my life.” How does God answer him? “I have left for myself seven thousand men who have not bowed the knee to Baal.” Just so, in the present time there is a remnant chosen by the grace of God. But if the choice is by grace, it is not because of their works – otherwise grace would not be grace. What then are we to say? Just this: Israel did not obtain what she was seeking, but those who were chosen did. The rest became blind, as Scripture says: “God gave them a spirit of stupor; blind eyes and deaf ears, and it is so to this day.” David says: “Let their table become a snare and a trap, a stumbling stone and a retribution: let their eyes be darkened so that they may not see. Bow down their back forever.”

I further ask, does their stumbling mean that they are forever fallen? Not at all! Rather, by their transgression salvation has come to the Gentiles to stir Israel to envy. But if their transgression and their diminishing have meant riches for the Gentile world, how much more their full number!



Matthew 11: 20-26

At that time Jesus began to reproach the towns where most of his miracles had been worked, with their failure to reform: “It will go ill with you, Chorazin! And just as ill with you Bethsaida! If the miracles worked in you had taken place is Tyre and Sidon, they would have reformed in sackcloth and ashes long ago. I assure you, it will go easier for Tyre and Sidon than for you on the day of judgment. As for you, Capernaum, ‘Are you to be exalted to the skies? You shall go down to the realm of death!’ If the miracles worked in you had taken place in Sodom, it would be standing today. I assure you,  it will go easier for Sodom than for you on the day of judgment.”

On one occasion Jesus spoke thus: “Father, Lord of heaven and earth, to you I offer praise; for what you have hidden from the learned and clever you have revealed to the merest children. Father, it is true. You have graciously willed it so.”


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