Mar. 19 The Holy Martyrs Chrysanthus and Daria

Bulletin as of March 18 2024

The holy martyr Chrysanthus came from a pagan family who moved from Alexandria to Rome in the third century. He received a fine education, and among the books he read were those in which pagans discussed Christianity. The young man, however, wanted to read books written by Christians themselves. He finally managed to get a copy of the New Testament, which enlightened his rational soul. Seeking someone to instruct him in the Holy Scriptures, he found the presbyter Carpophoros hiding from persecution, and the saint received holy Baptism from him. After this, Chrysanthus began to preach the Gospel. His own father tried to turn him in for being a Christian, and finally, he married him to Daria, a priestess of Minerva. St. Chrysanthus managed to convert his wife to Christ, and the young couple agreed to live a celibate lives. After the death of his father, Chrysanthus and Daria began to live in separate houses. St. Chrysanthus converted several young men to Christ, and many pious women gathered around St. Daria. The people of Rome complained to the eparch Celerinus that the saints were preaching celibacy and attracting too many young men and women to monasticism. St. Chrysanthus was sent to the tribune Claudius for torture. The emperor Numerian ordered Saints Chrysanthus and Daria be turned over to the executioners. After many cruel tortures, the martyrs were buried alive in the ground.



O Lord our God your holy martyrs have deserved the crown of immortality on account of their good fight. Armed with your strength, they have vanquished their persecutors and crushed Satan’s dreadful might. Through their supplications, O Christ our God, save our souls. 



In your desire for the perfect Good, you pursued whatever good you saw. By your golden words, Chrysanthus, you led the glorious Daria to Christ. She endured many torments and shamed the enemy. We ask both of you to remember us who keep your memory.


Readings for the day

Genesis 31: 3-16

Then the Lord said to Jacob, “Return to the land of your ancestors and to your kindred, and I will be with you.” So Jacob sent and called Rachel and Leah into the field where his flock was, and said to them, “I see that your father does not regard me as favorably as he did before. But the God of my father has been with me. You know that I have served your father with all my strength; yet your father has cheated me and changed my wages ten times, but God did not permit him to harm me. If he said, ‘The speckled shall be your wages,’ then all the flock bore speckled; and if he said, ‘The striped shall be your wages,’ then all the flock bore striped. Thus God has taken away the livestock of your father, and given them to me.

“During the mating of the flock I once had a dream in which I looked up and saw that the male goats that leaped upon the flock were striped, speckled, and mottled. Then the angel of God said to me in the dream, ‘Jacob,’ and I said, ‘Here I am!’ And he said, ‘Look up and see that all the goats that leap on the flock are striped, speckled, and mottled; for I have seen all that Laban is doing to you. I am the God of Bethel, where you anointed a pillar and made a vow to me. Now leave this land at once and return to the land of your birth.’” Then Rachel and Leah answered him, “Is there any portion or inheritance left to us in our father’s house? Are we not regarded by him as foreigners? For he has sold us, and he has been using up the money given for us. All the property that God has taken away from our father belongs to us and to our children; now then, do whatever God has said to you.”


Proverbs 21: 3-21

To do righteousness and justice is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice.

Haughty eyes and a proud heart—the lamp of the wicked—are sin.

The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance, but everyone who is hasty comes only to want.

The getting of treasures by a lying tongue is a fleeting vapor and a snare of death.

The violence of the wicked will sweep them away, because they refuse to do what is just.

The way of the guilty is crooked, but the conduct of the pure is right.

It is better to live in a corner of the housetop than in a house shared with a contentious wife.

The souls of the wicked desire evil; their neighbors find no mercy in their eyes.

When a scoffer is punished, the simple become wiser; when the wise are instructed, they increase in knowledge.

The Righteous One observes the house of the wicked; he casts the wicked down to ruin.

If you close your ear to the cry of the poor, you will cry out and not be heard.

A gift in secret averts anger; and a concealed bribe in the bosom, strong wrath.

When justice is done, it is a joy to the righteous, but dismay to evildoers.

Whoever wanders from the way of understanding will rest in the assembly of the dead.

Whoever loves pleasure will suffer want;whoever loves wine and oil will not be rich.

The wicked is a ransom for the righteous, and the faithless for the upright.

It is better to live in a desert land than with a contentious and fretful wife.

Precious treasure remains in the house of the wise, but the fool devours it.

Whoever pursues righteousness and kindness will find life and honor.

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