May 16 Our Venerable Father Theodore the Consecrated

Bulletin as of May 15 2024

Our venerable father Theodore was a disciple of St. Pachomius (May 15). Yearning for monastic life at an early age, he left his parents home at the age of fourteen and joined one of St. Pachomius’ monasteries. St. Theodore cared for St. Pachomius during his final illness. He became the hegumen of all of St. Pachomius’ monasteries, and eventually the head of all the monasteries in Thebaid. St. Theodore was famed for his holiness of life and his great gift of wonderworking. 



You made the wilderness your dwelling, O father Theodore, the bearer of God. You became an angel in the flesh and a wonderworker. Through fast, vigils, and prayers, you obtained from God special graces to heal the sick and to sanctify the souls of those who come to you with trust. Glory to the One who gave you strength! Glory to the One who crowned you! Glory to the One who through your intercession grants healing to all!



You bloomed like a flower in the house of God, bearing the fragrant fruit of virtue through your fasting. You have been made an equal of angels for this, O venerable father. 



Acts 25: 13-19

In those days, King Agrippa and Bernice arrived in Caesarea and paid Festus a courtesy call. Since they were to spend several days there, Festus referred Paul’s case to the king. “There is a prisoner here,” he said, “whom Felix left behind in custody. While I was in Jerusalem the chief priests and the elders of the Jews presented their case against this man and demanded his condemnation. I replied that it was not the Roman practice to hand an accused man over before he had been confronted with his accusers and given a chance to defend himself against their charges. When they came here with me, I did not delay the matter. The very next day I took my seat on the bench and ordered the man brought in. His accusers surrounded him but they did not charge him with any of the crimes I expected. Instead they differed with him over issues in their own religion and about a certain Jesus who had died but who Paul claimed is alive.”



John 16: 23-33

The Lord said to his disciples: “I give you my assurance, whatever you ask the Father, he will give you in my name. Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you shall receive, that your joy may be full. I have spoken these things to you in veiled language. A time will come when I shall no longer do so, but shall tell you about the Father in plain speech. On that day you will ask in my name and I do not say that I will petition the Father for you. The Father already loves you, because you have loved me and have believed that I came from God. I did indeed come from the Father; I came into the world. Now I am leaving the world to go to the Father.”

His disciples exclaimed: “At last you are speaking plainly without talking in veiled language! We are convinced that you know everything. There is no need for anyone to ask you questions. We do indeed believe you came from God.”

Jesus answered them: “Do you really believe? An hour is coming–has indeed already come–when you will be scattered and each will go his way, leaving me quite alone. Yet I can never be alone; the Father is with me. I tell you all this that in me you may find peace.”


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