Parish Book Club Reflections

Bulletin as of May 8 2021

From A Community of Grace: It takes a Village (Chapter 4)

The author writes, “Children love and need tradition, order, and predictability. The value of tradition lies in its repetition, its intimacy, its knowledge this is what we do, what we have been through together, what we have shared, laughed at, and been a part of.” I have been thinking about this a lot lately. I think about how quickly my kids are growing, and how they will be adults only tomorrow. I wonder how well I have taught them to love holy traditions. It is a statistical fact that what kids are exposed to will greatly determine their future selves and even occupations. I greatly desire that my children love our community, and that they love the traditions they are exposed to. I want to pass down a legacy of honoring God and the community they are in. This should be the prayer of every parent. If we don’t have holy traditions in our homes it is very likely that neither will they. As parents let us show them the love we have for all things holy, let’s build holy tradition in their lives.

-Fr. Nathan Symeon

Saturday, May 8 –

  • 2:25 PM