Philip’s Fast/ John Chrysostom

Bulletin as of November 8 2020

Philip’s Fast

A 40 day fast in preparation for the feast of the Nativity of Our Lord begins, the day after the feast of the Apostle Philip, November 15th. These 40 days are a season of penance, meaning that we intensify our prayer, fasting and almsgiving to better celebrate the feast of Christmas. If we spend these 40 days receiving and integrating the discipline that Our Lord leads us in, then we will better understand and be able to participate in the great Mystery of Christ’s Incarnation (becoming a human). Father Michael will be sending out more practical resources through the parish email. 

Saint Stories for Children

Venerable John Chrysostom (CHRIS-sus-tum), Archbishop of Constantinople

Commemorated November 13th

Chrysostom is not Saint John’s last name, but rather means “golden mouthed” in Greek. He was given this nickname because when he preached and taught his words were so beautiful that his hearers thought they were precious like gold. His father died shortly after he was born and he was raised by a very holy single mother. When his mother died he became a monk. He was very good friends with Saint Basil the Great, and he plotted to have Basil made a bishop; then later become the Archbishop of Constantinople himself. He wrote many books and homilies, and even wrote the prayers that the priest prays during the Divine Liturgy that we celebrate most Sundays. His friend Basil wrote the prayers that the priest prays on the Sundays of the Great Fast and the vigils of feasts. Saint John Chrysostom preached what Jesus asked him to preach even if it was hard for some people to hear. A couple homilies that he preached angered the empress so much that she had him sent out of the city and away from his beloved people. The day this happened, God sent an earthquake that scared the empress so much that she brought him back. She sent him away again later though, because he continued to preached the truth, and she thought that she was better than the truth. Saint John Chrysostom died during this second exile. His last words were “Glory to God for all things!” 

Venerable John Chrysostom, intercede before the throne of God to save our souls! 

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