Photina Walks

Bulletin as of January 22 2021
One of the signs of a healthy parish is a confidence in the gifts God has given its members, and a desire to share these gifts with the wider world.  Another sign is a desire to improve the human lives of those who live within a parish’s circle of influence.  A third sign is an understanding of the power of prayer, and its very real influence on the world and souls.  We are trying to engage with all three of these signs of parish health by doing weekly “Photina Walks” on Thursday mornings.  (Father Nathan will soon be leading a similar outreach on Fridays in Ventura County.)  
Thursdays begin with Morning Prayer at 7:30am.  At 8:30am, we grab trash bags, trash grabbers and our prayer beads.  We walk a new path every week and pray the Jesus Prayer while we walk.  We also pick up trash while praying, as well as making ourselves available to talk with anyone who may want to engage. 
We’ve put this ministry under the patronage of the Holy Martyr Photina.  Saint Photina is also known as the Samaritan Woman at the Well.  Saint Photina (John 4), after meeting Christ and allowing him to provide her with “Living Water”, went into the town and brought all of its citizens out to Christ.  This is our goal, to be witnesses to the Byzantine Catholic Church’s trust in God and the power of prayer, thanksgiving for His gifts, and a real concern for the lives of those who live and work near us, even if they aren’t members of our parish.   

Friday, January 22 –

  • 11:57 AM