Strength in Weakness

Bulletin as of August 28 2020

As I write this it is the feast of Abba Moses the Ethiopian (Aug. 28). He has become one of my favorite saints. The longer I lead communities (I’m going on 16 years as a pastor) the more I realize that true leadership comes from trusting and loving both courageous vulnerability and deep strength. Christ tells Paul that true strength is made perfect in weakness. (2 Cor 12:9).

For those who are seeking authenticity, there is an unmistakable strength in a leader who knows their own weaknesses (and receives from Our Lord the serenity, courage and wisdom to confront them) and therefore has the needed humility and confidence to guide their own lives as well as that of others.

Abba Moses began his journey to sainthood as a thief and murderer who committed “every kind of evil”. He was a pagan sun-worshipper who also sincerely sought knowledge of the one true creator and sustainer of the world. Christ, the true God used this sincerity in Abba Moses to direct him to a monastery where the true God was encountered and worshipped daily. Moses’ conversion was near-immediate, but he struggled with temptations to return to the pleasures of his old ways for the rest of his life. His dominance over these temptations was maintained through his complete transparency to his spiritual father, and his spiritual father was patient enough to hear about Moses’ daily struggles with he same sins without getting weary or frustrated.

I hope all of you have experienced, as I certainly have, leaders (mothers, fathers, teachers, law enforcement, civil authorities pastors, bishops etc.) who make true and empowering vulnerability look attractive.

Abba Moses the Ethiopian (also called “The Robber”, “The Strong” and “The Black”) intercede before the throne of Christ our God to save our souls!
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