Sunday Bulletin 03/07/21

Bulletin as of March 6 2021

3rd Sunday of the Great Fast – Veneration of the Cross


Sunday, March 7         

8:30 AM          Matins

9:30 AM          Divine Liturgy

Monday, March 8       

7:30 AM          Morning Prayer                                   

4:00 PM          6th Hour/Vespers

Tuesday, March 9       

 7:30 AM          Morning Prayer                                  

4:00 PM          6th Hour

Wednesday, March 10 – Mid-Lent

7:30 AM          Morning Prayer                                    

4:00 PM          6th Hour                                   

7:30 PM          Presanctified Divine Liturgy Don Eitner from Mariah Hamdi

Thursday, March 11    

  7:30 AM          Morning Prayer                                  

  8:30 AM          Photina Walk                                  

4:00 PM          6th Hour

Friday, March 12        

7:30 AM          Morning Prayer                                   

4:00 PM          6th Hour                                   

7:30 PM          Presanctified Divine Liturgy  +John Bosak from Helen Bosak

Saturday, March 134th All Souls Saturday         

  8:30 AM          Divine Liturgy                                  

5:00 PM          Ventura County Divine Liturgy

Sunday, March 14 – 4th Sunday of the Great Fast       

8:30 AM          Matins

9:30 AM          Divine Liturgy 


Please remember the following people in your prayers: Estella Biedenbender,  Ken Bosak, , Fletes Family: Alicia, Frankie, Layla, Lupita & Veronica, Victoria Flores, Larry Goodwin, Holly Garlow,  Michelle Grana, Virginia Harrington, Jeanne Hart, Michael Hefferon, Rob Hooper, Chris Johnson, Patricia Kurczak,  Irene Lehman, Elizabeth & John Mallas, Dylan Mancia, Toni Martin, Marg Mauro, Juan Gabriel Martinez, Pedro Medina, Mina family: Mila, Diana, Rev. John & Mike,  Shannon O’Neill, Tanya Petach, Casandra Porch, Nicholas, Rodriguez Diane Romano, Paul Saucedo, Kathleen Savko, Robert Stamer, Leanne Steuer, Mary Washko, Dina & Matthew Wiggins,  Carmen Zambrano, Lana Zimmerman, Patrick Zimmerman, Fr. Chris Zugger and all those who serve in the Armed Forces


Collection: $1,071.00; Candles: $40.62; Online: $75.00; Gift Shop: $20.00; Special Collection: $1070.00

Total: $2376.62 / Attendance 53    

Vespers on Saturday, March 13th

We will be joining our Orthodox brethren for Saturday evening Vespers this Saturday, March 13.  This is to replace our parish Vespers.  If you are able to join us, please email Paul Lacson at  The parish has asked for a headcount and names for COVID notification.  Meet at the parish: St. Michael’s Antiochian Orthodox Church, 16643 Vanowen St. Van Nuys, CA 91406.  Vespers begins at 5pm.  

Mid-Lenten Message from the Duchovny Dom Monastery (Mid-Lent is this Wednesday)

Psalm 50 – Our Prayer, Mid-Lent

 The Lenten Spring is with us and an evaluation of just how the Great Fast is progressing, as we look forward to the Light of the Resurrection. 

The Holy Psalter comes to mind, especially Psalm 50 – one could argue it is the most employed psalm in the prayer books of the Byzantine Church. It is a psalm of David, a psalm of repentance, David is our model of repentance – a man of great sin, who repents in sackcloth and ashes, at the words of Nathan the prophet (2nd Sam 16:7-10).

While serving a tour of duty for the United States Airforce in Alaska, I had the wonderful experience, the friendship of the Right Reverend Mitred Archpriest Michael Artim. Returning from the Arctic Circle and receiving hospitality with Father Artim was a light to my feet. Good conversation, food and the beauty of our mission church in Anchorage – a home away from home. 

On one occasion I inquired from Father Michael, what was the first prayer he learned at his mother’s knee? Without hesitation, he responded “Psalm 50” and quickly recited the whole psalm in our Slavic tongue. In the rich texture of this prayer, David states the beautiful and necessary sentiments of repentance and mercy, mercy the gift of God for which the Blood of Christ shed on the Holy Cross was the seal! “Have mercy on me O God according your great mercy and according to the multitude of your compassion blot out my transgression” (Psalm 50:1). Of course, the psalm in true Semitic literary style continues filling the mind and heart with the beauty of mercy. 

This is the point of our Lenten observance, through prayer, fasting and almsgiving, we seek the embrace of the Life-giving Trinity to wash away our infirmities and fill us with the joy of mercy, the embrace of the love of God in our hearts.

The mind can be filled with understanding which only becomes wisdom by the loving energies of God which embraces us. This merciful embrace is the Gift of God which sets us free, the fire of the Holy Spirit in the spiritual heart, the source, the gift of the energies of the Holy Trinity from the throne of Divine Love. 

The ascetical life, your gift is to be especially embraced in Great Lent, which will flow all the days of your pilgrimage with God, what we learn in prayer and fasting must be our daily practice all the days of our life. 

The gift of prayer, the art of fasting and the generosity of sharing your experience, the ascetical life, should be observed by all, your wonderful example and ideals bring the resurrection to you and all the ones you love. It fills the Holy Church and the Resurrected Lord, through this hidden life, fills the world with Resurrection mercy, peace and love. The Great Mercy of God     

– Fr Joseph Stanichar- Hegumen (Abbot)

 “Whoever will lose his life for my sake and for the sake of the Good News will save it.” A vocation is a cross; it is a way to lose our lives for the Lord and His Gospel by giving life to the world in a life of prayer and devotion to the holy mysteries of the Church. The Lord may be showing you that holy orders or the religious life is something to consider.  Contact the Vocations Office at 206-329-9219 or email:


Saturday, March 6 –

  • 11:28 AM