Sunday Bulletin 8/6/23

Bulletin as of August 5 2023


Saturday, Aug 5  –  Eusignius, Martyr     

5:00 PM          Santa Paula Outreach Divine Liturgy

Sunday, Aug 6  –  The Transfiguration of Our Lord             

9:00 AM         Matins in Santa Paula

10:00 AM       Divine Liturgy in Santa Paula

Monday, Aug 7  –  Domitius, Venerable Martyr           

5:30 PM          Akathist* for those suffering Addictions & Mental Illness

Wednesday, Aug 9  –  Matthias, Apostle      

6:30 PM          Reader Vespers

7:30 PM          Firepit Social

Saturday, Aug 12  –  Photius and Anicetus, Martyr         

5:00 PM          Santa Paula Outreach Divine Liturgy

Sunday, Aug 13  –  11th Sunday after Pentecost           

8:30 AM          Matins

9:30 AM          Divine Liturgy 

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St. Mary’s: Sundays 8:45 AM or by appointment

Santa Paula: Saturdays 4:15 PM or by appointment


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The Carlin Family, Michael Hefferon, Shirley Kunze, Michael Mina, Peter Mina, Fr. John Mina, Mila Mina, Lana Zimmerman, Patrick Zimmerman, Shannon O’Neill, Fern Bonowicz, All the sick and suffering of St. Mary’s


Collection: $2,070.00; Santa Paula: $557.00; Candles: $34.06; SP Improvements: $50.00; Gift Shop: $90.00; Socials: $47.00; Lg. Hall Flea market: $55.00

Total: $2,903.06 / Attendance – PSM: 73 VCO: 62


Dormition of the Theotokos & Blessing of Flowers

We will celebrate the Feast of the Dormition on Monday, August 14.  We will celebrate vigil vespers at 5:30pm and Divine Liturgy at 6:30pm with the blessing of flowers, herbs, and medication.  Liturgy is followed by a potluck feast starting around 7:30pm.

The Dormition of the Theotokos is a holy day of obligation.



Why Not Andrew and the Others?

Over the past 2000 years, many have asked why Jesus only brought three apostles, Peter, James and John with him on some of the most important moments of his 3-year ministry. The most striking absence, especially since James and John were brothers, is Peter’s brother Andrew. The Transfiguration was one of those moments. Here is an explanation from Blessed Theophylact of Ohrid:

“Why did not the Lord Christ take all His twelve disciples to the mountain, but only Peter, James, and John? Because Judas was not worthy of seeing the glory of the transfiguration of Christ with his treacherous eyes. However, some may say: If this was the case, why did he not leave Judas alone at the bottom and take others with him? But we are not smarter or wiser than Christ; if He had left Judas alone at the bottom and taken the others with Him, some might say that it was an insult to Judas and that was why he sold his Lord. So that none of those men or we could say anything, He left Judas with the other eight disciples to glorify the three with a vision, and to make the rest blessed through their faith, as the Lord says, Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed. Moreover, He took three of them to fulfill the word: in the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established (Matthew 18:16; Deuteronomy 17:6)… Christ took Peter because Peter loved him very much, John because He loved him, and James because he, like John, was a zealot. – His zeal is seen in the fact that he wanted to drink the cup, and in the fact that Herod killed James with the sword to please the Jews.”

“This is my Beloved Son in whom I am well pleased. Listen to Him!” The voice of the Father proclaimed that Christ is His beloved Son. The Church is guided and cared for by priests, deacons, monks and nuns who pray and seek to reflect the light of Mount Tabor to everyone. If God may be calling you or someone you know to this life, contact the Vocations Office at 206-329-9219 or email:

Saturday, August 5 –

  • 11:00 AM