Sept. 18 Our Venerable Father Eumenius the Wonder-worker, Bishop of Gortyna

Bulletin as of September 17 2023


Our venerable father Eumenius the Wonder-worker was bishop of Gortyna in Crete in the 7th century. He gave himself with his whole heart to Christ from his youth. He gave all he owned to the poor, and kept a very strict ascetic life of fasting and vigils. Seeing his virtue, the people of Gortyna chose him to be their bishop. He was father to the poor, consolation to the sad, healer to the sick, and a shepherd to his flock. He traveled to visit the desert fathers in the Thebaid, where he died. 



You enriched your life with fasting, O father Eumenius. You loved the poor and gave them all you had. You were brighter than the sun in virtue, cheering the sad and comforting the mourners. By virtue of these riches and through your prayers, now beg Christ to forgive our sins. 



Illumined by the Divine Light, O all-blessed Eumenius, enlighten us who sing of your honorable and glorious and holy death with love. O father and hierarch Eumenius, pray unceasingly for all of us. 



Ephesians 1:22 – 2:3

Brothers and sisters: [God, the Father of glory,] has put all things under Christ’s feet and has made him, thus exalted, head of the church, which is his body: the fullness of him who fills the universe in all its parts. 

You were dead because of your sins and offenses, as you gave allegiance to the present age and to the prince of the air, that spirit who is even now at work among the rebellious. All of us were once of their company; we lived at the level of the flesh, following every whim and fancy, and so by nature deserved God’s wrath like the rest.



Luke 3: 19-22

At that time, Herod the tetrarch was censured by John on the subject of Herodias, his brother’s wife, and for all his other crimes. He added to his guilt by shutting John up in prison.

When all the people were baptized, and Jesus was at prayer after likewise being baptized, the skies opened and the Holy Spirit descended on him in the visible form like a dove. A voice from heaven was heard to say: “You are my beloved Son. On you my favor rests.”


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