Sunday Bulletin 9/17/23

Bulletin as of September 17 2023


Saturday, Sept 16  – Saturday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross      

5:00 PM          Santa Paula Outreach Divine Liturgy

6:30 PM          Reader Vespers

Sunday, Sept 17  –  Sunday after the Exaltation of the Holy Cross         

8:30 AM          Matins

9:30 AM          Divine Liturgy

Monday, Sept 18  –  Eumenius, Bishop       

8:30 AM          Morning Prayer

4:00 PM          Evening Prayer

5:30 PM          Akathist* for those suffering Addictions & Mental Illness

Wednesday, Sept 20  –  Eustace and Others, Martyrs

8:30 AM          Morning Prayer

6:30 PM          Divine Liturgy

7:30 PM          Firepit Social

Saturday, Sept 23  –  Conception of John the Baptist        

5:00 PM          Santa Paula Outreach Divine Liturgy

Sunday, Sept 24  –  17th Sunday after Pentecost         

8:30 AM          Matins

9:30 AM          Divine Liturgy

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St. Mary’s: Sundays 8:45 AM or by appointment

Santa Paula: Saturdays 4:15 PM or by appointment


(Please resubmit or submit names to

The Carlin Family, Michael Hefferon, Shirley Kunze, Michael Mina, Peter Mina, Fr. John Mina, Mila Mina, Lana Zimmerman, Patrick Zimmerman, Shannon O’Neill, Fern Bonowicz, All the sick and suffering of St. Mary’s


Collection: $2,140.00; Santa Paula: $576.00; Candles: $59.00; Bishop’s Appeal: $800.00; Parish Socials: $63.00; Church Improvements: $145.00; Holydays: $40.00

Total: $3,823.00 / Attendance – PSM: 67 VCO: 60  


Save the Date! Family Day 10/01

Sunday October 1 is our Parish feast day and our annual Family Day Celebration. Look for sign-up sheets in the small hall. The potluck will begin at noon to give families from Santa Paula time to arrive. There will be coffee and pastries served outside directly following liturgy. Families can expect water activities for children and the young at heart (swimsuits/change of clothes and towels recommended).

God With Us Online

God With Us Online has several new courses beginning in October.

The House of the Lord: A Biblical Catechesis on the Temple is an exciting study on the theology of God’s dwelling with us in the temples of the Old and New Testaments. Classes are held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays from October 2023-June 2024, 4-5pm PST. The instructor for this course, Dr. Steven Smith, PhD, is the author of the books The Word of the Lord, The House of the Lord, and The Face of the Lord.

Synodality and the Christian East: Past, Present, & Future Asks, what is the meaning of Synodality in the Christian East? How are Eastern Catholic Churches called to faithfully follow the synodal way in Christ? Classes are held on the 3rd Thursday of the month, October through December 2023 4-5pm PST. The hosts of Becoming Byzantine; Fr. Daniel Dozier, Fr. Deacon Anthony Dragani, Mr. Robert Klesko, and Fr. Michael Winn lead this discussion.

Registration begins Oct. 1; register online at

Historic Gathering of the Byzantine Catholic Church in America

Metropolitan Archbishop William, Bishop Kurt, and the Council of Hierarchs of the Byzantine Catholic Church invite YOU to attend the “Metropolitan Assembly” at St. Mary Byzantine Catholic Church in Hillsborough, New Jersey, on Friday, November 3 through Sunday, November 5, 2023! The theme of the Assembly is to “learn about our past and to prepare for our future. For more information, contact the Assembly coordinators, Fr. Ed Cimbala, at 212-677-0516 or Fr. Yuriy Oros at 609-394-5004.

The assembly website is the email is Hope to see YOU there!

“Whoever will lose his life for my sake and for the sake of the Good News will save it.” Our Lord teaches us that following him is a loss and a gain at the same time. Devoting one’s life to the Church as a monastic, religious, or member of the clergy is a cross and is also an immense blessing. Are you being called to be this blessing to the Church? Reach out to the Vocations Office at 206-329-9219 or email:

Sunday, September 17 –

  • 11:14 PM