Sunday Bulletin 07/24/2022

Bulletin as of July 23 2022
Weekly Schedule
Saturday, July 23:     5:00 PM         Outreach Divine Liturgy in Santa Paula
Sunday, July 24:       8:30 AM          Matins
                                 9:30 AM         Divine Liturgy
Monday, July 25       8:30 AM          Morning Prayer
                               4:00 PM          Evening Prayer
Wed., July 27           8:30 AM         Morning Prayer
                                9:30 AM         Photina Prayer Walk
                                 6:30 PM         Divine Liturgy.  Feast of Panteleimon
                                                         +Joseph Parrot.  From Jerome Parrot
                                 7:45 PM          Firepit Social
Saturday, July 30    5:00 PM            Outreach Divine Liturgy in Santa Paula
                               6:30 PM           Vespers
Sunday, July 31       8:30 AM            Matins
                               9:30 AM            Divine Liturgy

Great Martyr Panteleimon – Feast day July 27 

Panteleimon’s Christian mother passed away when he was just a child.  His pagan father sent him to study the medical sciences.  He became such a skilled physician that he was invited to become the doctor to the royals in Nicomedia.  His curiosity for Truth, Goodness and Beauty was not satiated by his studies though and he was led to meet and hear the wisdom of the monastics.  After raising a snake-bitten boy from the dead through the intercession of Christ, he was baptized.  He lived his live using both his human skills as a physician and his access to the miraculous as a Christian to heal all who came to him without cost.  His faith, and the jealousy of the other physicians in the region caused the emperor to torture and finally kill him.  His relics continue to heal many who approach them in faith.  He is the patron of soldiers and healers.   



Vocations Reflection

“According to your faith let it be done to you!” Jesus met the blind men who cried to him for mercy, and he brought them healing. The Church continues this ministry of healing. Are you being called to take part in this ministry in a special way? Discerning a life of healing in monasticism or holy orders could be your calling. To learn more, contact the Vocations Office at 206-329-9219 or email:  

Mark Your Calendars:
7/24 (Today):  Parishioner Rick Nieme will give a talk on substance abuse at 12pm.

-Cantor Training:  If you would like to learn how to read the Epistle or help cantor the Divine Liturgy, join Father Michael, Steve Petach and Matt Wiggins for a kick-off reader/cantor class.  We will meet after all of our usual post-liturgy events on Sunday, August 21. 

In the meantime, we highly recommend you go through the free online cantor classes hosted by the Metropolitan Cantor Institute.  You can find more information in the “Classes for Everyone” section of this page: 

Ask Father Michael if you have any questions, and please let him know if you are going through these recommended classes. 

-Altar Server Training (Date Changed) 

Any boy or man who would be interested in serving at the altar, or is already doing so, join us for an upcoming server training.  We will meet after the usual post-liturgy events on Sunday, September 4th.  

Eparchial Appeal Update

The Annual Eparchial Appeal is underway! You can use the instructions you received from the bishop, or you can visit our parish’s donation page here:  We are working to support our Eparchy as a community, so please prayerfully discern what you can give, and I know we will meet and exceed our goal (we get a large percentage back) if we have full participation. Thank you for your generosity!  
-Donations are being accepted through Sept. 30. So far, we have raised $9,910.00 of our $25,544.72 goal.   We need to raise $15,634.72 to meet our goal.
-Thank you to those who have contributed: Bates, Chirdon, Clemens, Cook, Crans, Golya, Herrera, Jimenez, Kieselhorst, Koman-Keogh, Michnya, Mina, Fr. O’Loughlin, O’Neill Onufrak, Patzwahl, Reichert, Summe, Theisen, Wiggins, P. Zimmerman, and W. Zimmerman


Safe Environment
The Eparchy of Phoenix, within all its parishes, institutions and programs, is committed to assuring a safe environment in ministry for its children and vulnerable adults that conforms to the USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People.
For additional information regarding the eparchial Safe Environment Program or to report any incidents or concerns, please contact:
Subdeacon Paul Kilroy, Safe Environment Program Coordinator                                                          Cell: (702) 498-5972 — Office: (602) 861-9778 ext. 203 —    Email:
Deacon. Michael Hanafin, Victim Assistance Coordinator                                                                       Cell: (480) 387-5182 — Email:

Saturday, July 23 –

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