Sunday of Zacchaeus

Bulletin as of January 29 2022

Today the Church, through the proclamation of the Gospel, reminds us that the Lord sees and values things in a way that the world cannot understand. Oftentimes, what the world sees as strength is a pitfall for those who seek the Lord; and what the world sees as weakness is an opportunity for spiritual growth.

Zacchaeus, “small of stature” and despised by the Jews becomes the one who sees the Lord and welcomes him into his home. Why? The Fathers of the Church tell us that Zacchaeus was able to see the Lord, not because of the Sycamore tree, but because he set aside the self-righteousness of the world and the stature of honor and worldly dignity.

By becoming “small” and humble of heart, by opening his eyes to the Lord’s vision, Zacchaeus was able to rise above those around him to behold the Lord and welcome him into his home. By going to Zacchaeus’ house, Jesus confirmed for all that Zacchaeus had already made a home for the Lord in his heart.

Throughout the Gospel, those who are apparently weak become strong, the blind become able to see, the paralytics walk again, and this strength and healing is found in one thing: that the Lord has made himself present within them, that he comes in to “our house,” and for that we must “make haste” to come down to meet him.

Saturday, January 29 –

  • 1:07 PM