Table of Service (reverence iv)

Bulletin as of November 20 2022

(Part IV in a series encouraging reverence of the Holy Places and Things)

Along with the Holy Table and the Table of Oblation, inside the altar areas is the Table of Service, in Greek, the diakonikon.  This table stands to the right of the Holy Table and opposite the Table of Oblation.  In the early church this was its own room or apse, and today most churches have what we call a sacristy that serves the same purpose.  It holds vestments, books and other items needed for worship.   Above this table is an icon that depicts service or sacrifice in the spirit of the Eucharist.  Examples of icons found here are “ultimate humility” ( Christ dead and in the tomb), the sacrifice of Isaac (Gen. 22), the Holy Trinity/Hospitality of Abraham (Gen. 18), Melchisedek (Gen. 14) or The Holy Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist John.  You will see similar images, or additionally the Nativity of Our Lord (commemorated during the proskomedia rite) over the Table of Oblation on the other side of the altar area.

Sunday, November 20 –

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