May 19 The Holy Priest Martyr Patrick, Bishop of Prusa

The holy martyr Patrick, Bishop of Prusa, and his companions were martyred during the reign of the emperor Julian the Apostate. Taken to a boiling spring, the governor asked if Christ would save them. Patrick replied, “If he will, he can keep me whole and uninjured, although I would wish, in this water, to be […]

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May 18 The Holy Martyr Theodotus of Ancyra and the Seven Holy Virgins

The Holy Martyr Theodotus and the Holy Seven Virgins Tecusa, Phaine, Claudia, Matrona, Julia, Alexandra and Euphrasia lived during the second half of the third century in the city of Ancyra, Galatia, and died as martyrs for Christ at the beginning of the fourth century. Saint Theodotus was an innkeeper and was married. The prefect […]

May 17 The Holy Apostle Andronicus and his Companions

The holy apostle Andronicus was one of the Seventy apostles. He and his companion Junias were kinsmen of St. Paul, as he mentions in Romans 16:17. St. Andronicus was Bishop of Pannonia but still he traveled preaching the gospel with Junias, bringing the word of God to pagans. Many pagans temples were closed and Christian […]

May 16 Our Venerable Father Theodore the Consecrated

Our venerable father Theodore was a disciple of St. Pachomius (May 15). Yearning for monastic life at an early age, he left his parents home at the age of fourteen and joined one of St. Pachomius’ monasteries. St. Theodore cared for St. Pachomius during his final illness. He became the hegumen of all of St. […]

May 15 Our Venerable Father Pachomius the Great

Our venerable father Pachomius the Great was a soldier in Thebaid (Upper Egypt) in the fourth century. After watching Christians feed and care for his fellow soldiers because they loved their God and wanted to fulfill His commandment to love their neighbor, St. Pachomius converted to Christianity. After his baptism, St. Pachomius led a strict […]

May 12 Our Fathers among the saints Epiphanius, Bishop of Cyprus and Germanus, Patriarch of Constantinople

Our holy father Epiphanius, Bishop of Cyprus, “a last relic of ancient piety,” as St. Jerome calls him, lived during the fourth century in Phoenicia. The Roman empress Honoria was his sister. He was of Jewish descent, and in his youth he received a fine education. He was converted to Christianity after seeing how a […]

May 11 The holy Cyril and Methodius, Equal to the Apostle, Teachers of the Slavs

Our holy fathers Cyril and Methodius, Apostles to the Slavs, were brothers born in Thessalonica in the first half of the ninth century. Since Methodius had been a soldier among the Slavs in Macedonia, he was considered an excellent candidate for carrying the Gospel to the Khazars. After the invention of the first Slavonic alphabet […]