Living Our Life for Christ

Bulletin as of May 14 2022

The Samaritan woman marks the point of gentile inclusion in the message that Jesus is life itself and His life is offered to all. Have you considered being a missionary or supporting the world of missions? If this is an interest to you, talk with your pastor about it. God has given us the opportunity to participate in His marvelous plan for the world. Practical advice: We focus today on our children having good paying jobs and not on them being bringers of the Gospel. This sets them up to never realize their potential vocation in Christ. When my daughters graduate from High school, I will ask them to wait a year before entering college. First, I will give them an icon, so their Saint can help them to discern. Second, I will ask them to spend some time discerning their vocations. Third, I will ask them to go on a short-term mission. Fourth, I will ask them to spend time in a monastery. Please consider your children in the movement of Jesus, in Christianity. If financial resources are a concern, please talk with your pastor. I believe our church is ready to support these endeavors. Our children are not only ours, but God’s first, and they also belong to the family God has given them here, at the Proto-Cathedral of St. Mary. Let us therefore bear each other burdens (Gal. 6:2) for the sake of the Gospel. 

-Fr. Nathan Symeon

Saturday, May 14 –

  • 9:54 PM