Exaltation of the Precious and Life-Giving Cross- September 14

Ardently desiring to find the Cross upon which our Lord Jesus Christ was crucified, Saint Constantine sent his mother, the pious Empress Helen, to Jerusalem. Saint Helen journeyed to the holy places connected with the earthly life of the Savior, building more than 80 churches, at Bethlehem the birthplace of Christ, and on the Mount […]

Great Martyr Panteleimon – Feast day July 27 

Panteleimon’s Christian mother passed away when he was just a child.  His pagan father sent him to study the medical sciences.  He became such a skilled physician that he was invited to become the doctor to the royals in Nicomedia.  His curiosity for Truth, Goodness and Beauty was not satiated by his studies though and he was led […]

Heaven or Earth

Vladimir the Great (feast July 15) was a seeker.  He was raised a pagan but was not content worshipping man-made idols.  As the prince of Kiev (modern Ukraine) at the turn of the 11th Century, he sent delegates to inform him of the various world religions.  He intended to discern which was the true faith […]