June 13 The Holy Martyr Aquilina & the Holy Triphyllus, Bishop of Leucosia

The holy martyr Aquilina was twelve years old when she was brutally martyred under the emperor Trajan in the late third century. After converting one of her pagan friends to Christianity, she was arrested and tortured. Believing Aquilina dead after her tortures, her captors left her body outside the city to be eaten by wild […]

June 12 Our Venerable Fathers Onuphrius and Peter of Athos

Our venerable father Onuphrius the Great was an anchorite who piously spent his life for sixty years in the desolate wilderness in the late 4th and early 5th centuries. Our venerable father Peter of Mt. Athos was a soldier by profession. Captured and imprisoned by Arabs, he was miraculously freed. He immediately set out for […]

Sunday Bulletin 6/11/23

WEEKLY SCHEDULE Saturday, June 10  –  Timothy, Bishop-Martyr     5:00 PM          Santa Paula Outreach Divine Liturgy Sunday, June 11  –  2nd Sunday after Pentecost         8:30 AM          Matins 9:30 AM          Divine Liturgy Monday, June 12  –  Onuphry and Peter, Venerables         5:30 PM          Akathist* for those suffering Addictions & Mental […]

June 10 The Holy Priest Martyr Timothy, Bishop of Prusa

The hieromartyr Timothy, Bishop of Prusa (Bithynia), received from the Lord the gift of wonderworking because of his purity and sanctity of life. At Prusa he converted many pagans to the faith of Christ. The emperor Julian the Apostate (361-363), upon hearing about St. Timothy had him locked up in prison, but even there St. […]

June 9 Our Father among the saints Cyril, Archbishop of Alexandria

Our venerable father Cyril, Archbishop of Alexandria, a distinguished champion of Orthodoxy and a great teacher of the Church, came from an illustrious and pious Christian family. He studied the secular sciences, including philosophy, but most of all he strove to acquire knowledge of the Holy Scriptures and the truths of the Christian Faith. In […]

June 8 The Translation of the Relics of Theodore the Recruit

The Holy Great Martyr Theodore the Recruit suffered for Christ in Herakleia on 8 February 319. At the time of his sufferings the holy martyr Theodore ordered his servant Uaros to bury his body on the estate of his parents in Eukaitos. The transfer of the relics of the Greatmartyr Theodore was done on 8 […]

June 7 The Holy Priest Martyr Theodotus, Bishop of Ancyra

The holy martyr Theodotus lived in Ancyra of Galatia in the third century. He was distinguished by his kindliness and concern. At the height of the persecution under Diocletian (284-305) he provided Christians with everything they needed, and gave them shelter in his home. There they secretly celebrated church services. St. Theodotus visited the Christian […]

June 6 Our Venerable Fathers Bessarion and Hilarion

Our venerable father Bessarion the Wonder-worker was an anchorite in Skete in Egypt, stood as a beggar for the love of God and as a pilgrim in the fifth century. The Greek fathers compared him to Moses and Elijah because of his virtues and miracles.  Our venerable father Hilary the Younger was hegumen of the […]

June 5 The Holy Priest Martyr Dorotheus Bishop of Tyre

The Hieromartyr Dorotheus was bishop of the Phoenician city of Tyre during the time of persecution against Christians under the emperor Diocletian (284-305). Heeding the words of the Gospel (Mt. 10:23), the saint withdrew from Tyre and hid from persecutors. He returned to Tyre during the reign of St. Constantine the Great (306-337), again occupying […]