Dec. 15 The Holy Priest Martyr Eleutherius; Our Venerable Father Paul of Latra; Our Father among the saints Stephen the Confessor, Archbishop of Surozh

The holy martyr Eleutherius was born of noble and eminent parents in Rome. Eleutherius was the fruit of the people who heard the Gospel from the apostles. He became bishop of Illyria, and was a model shepherd. He was arrested and martyred by the emperor Hadrian in the year 120. Our venerable father Paul of […]

Dec. 14 The Holy Martyrs Thyrsus, Leucas, Philemon, Appolonius, and Callinicus

The holy martyrs Thyrsus, Leucas, and Callinicus suffered for Christ under the emperor Decius (249-251) at Caesarea in Bithynia. St. Leucas, having reproached the prefect for his unjust persecution of Christians, was executed after being tortured. St. Thyrsus, who was still a catechumen, was nonetheless eager for martyrdom. He was sentenced to cruel tortures and […]

Dec. 13 The Holy Martyrs Eustratius, Auxentius, Eugene, Mardarius, and Orestes; The Holy Martyr Lucy, the Virgin

The holy martyrs Eustratius, Auxentius, Eugene, Mardarius, and Orestes gave their lives for Christ in Armenia during the reign of Diocletian (284-305). St. Eustratius was a Roman commander in the city of Satalionus; Eugene was his companion in the army; Orestes was likewise a distinguished soldier; Auxentius was a priest; and Mardarius was an ordinary […]

Dec. 12 Our Venerable Father Spiridon the Wonderworker, Bishop of Tremithus; Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our venerable father Spiridon the Wonderworker was a shepherd who had a wife and children. He used all his substance for the needs of his neighbors and the homeless, for which the Lord rewarded him with the gift of wonderworking. He healed those who were incurably sick, and cast out demons. After the death of […]

Dec. 11 Our Venerable Father Daniel the Stylite

Our venerable father Daniel the Stylite was born in the village of Bethara, near the city of Samosata in Mesopotamia. His mother Martha was childless for a long while and in her prayers she vowed that if she had a child, she would dedicate him to the Lord. Her prayers were heard, and Martha soon […]

Dec. 10 The Holy Martyrs Menas, Hermogenes, and Eugraphus

The holy martyrs Menas, Hermogenes, and Eugraphus: Menas and Hermogenes were born in Athens and moved to Constantinople in the 4th century. Both were pagans. Menas was sent by Emperor Maximian to calm the strife between pagans and Chrsitians in Alexandria. While there, he became a Christian. The emperor sent Hermogenes to Alexandria to punish […]

Sunday Bulletin 12/10/23

WEEKLY SCHEDULE Saturday, Dec 9  –  Patapius, Venerable            5:00 PM          Santa Paula Outreach Divine Liturgy Sunday, Dec 10  –  28th Sunday after Pentecost             8:30 AM          Matins 9:30 AM          Divine Liturgy 11:30 AM        St. Nicholas Day Potluck Monday, Dec 11  –  Daniel the Stylite, Venerable        8:30 AM          Morning […]

Dec. 9 Our Venerable Father Patapius

Our venerable father Patapius was born at Thebes into a pious Christian family. Reaching the age of maturity, he scorned the vanities of the world and so went into the Egyptian desert where he became known for his ascetic deeds. Though he wished to dwell in silence, people began to come to him for advice. […]

Dec. 8 The Feast of the Maternity of Anna

The Feast of the Maternity of the Holy Anna, mother of Our Blessed Lady, the Mother of God and Ever-Virgin Mary: According to tradition, Joachim and Anna were childless for fifty years of their married life. In their old age, they were promised that a daughter would be born to them. After nine months, St. […]

Dec. 7 Our Father among the saints Ambrose, Bishop of Milan

Our holy father Ambrose, Bishop of Milan, who on April 4th, on the holy day of Pascha, fell asleep in the Lord in 397. His memory is celebrated today on which, while still a catechumen, he undertook ruling the famous See of Milan in 373, while he was exercising the office of prefect of the […]