Nov. 30 The Holy and Glorious Apostle Andrew, the First-Called

The holy and glorious apostle Andrew, the first-Called: Born in Bethsaida, he was the brother of Simon Peter and a fisherman with him. He was called first from the disciples of John the Baptist at the Jordan by the Lord Jesus. Andrew followed him and even brought his brother to the Lord. After Pentecost it is […]

Nov. 28 The Holy Venerable Martyr Stephen The Younger; The Holy Martyr Irenarchus

The holy venerable martyr Stephen the younger was a monk and martyr, who, under Constantine Copronymus, was tortured by various punishments for the cult of sacred images and confirmed the Catholic truth by his shed blood. (767) The holy martyr Irenarchus was a torturer in Sebaste in Armenia. He was converted to Christ by the […]

Nov. 27 The Holy Martyr James the Persian; Our Venerable Father Palladius

The holy martyr James was a noble at the Persian court at the end of the 4th century. He offered sacrifice to idols despite his baptism. His mother and wife reproached him, begging him to repent. Moved by their plea, James repented bitterly and returned to Christ. The king sentenced him to death by being […]

Nov. 19 The Holy Prophet Obadiah; The Holy Martyr Barlaam

The holy Prophet Obadiah is the fourth of the Twelve Minor Prophets, and he lived during the 9th century B.C. He gave food and shelter to all the prophets of the Lord who were being hunted because of the queen’s quarrel with the Prophet Elias. He was part of the 3 detachments of soldiers sent […]

Nov. 18 The Holy Martyrs Plato and Romanus

Born in the town of Ancyra in Galatia, the holy martyr Plato showed early and great perfection in virtue. While still a youth he left home and went through the cities preaching the Word of God to pagans. He amazed his audience with the persuasiveness and beauty of his speech and his profound knowledge of […]

Oct. 31 The Holy Apostles Stachys, Amplius, and their Companions; The Holy Martyr Epimachus; The Blessed Martyr Theodore Romzha, Bishop of Mukachevo

The holy apostles Stachys, Amplius, and their companions were members of the Seventy Apostles. Stachys was the helper of St. Andrew the First Called, who made him bishop of Byzantium. Amplius and Urban were also fellow-workers with St. Andrew, and were made bishops of Lydda and Macedonia, respectively. Narcissus was made Bishop of Athens by […]

Oct. 29 The Holy Venerable Martyr Anastasia; Our Venerable Father Abraham the Hermit

The holy venerable martyr Anastasia was born in Rome to wealthy parents, but she was left as an orphan at the age of three. She was taken to a women’s monastery to live, under the guidance of Hegumena Sophia. When she was seventeen, the pagan governor summoned her to defend herself, which she did with […]

Oct. 26 The Holy and Glorious Great-Martyr Demetrius, Myroblyte and Wonderworker; Commemoration of the Great and Fearful Earthquake at Constantinople

The holy and great martyr Demetrius was born in Salonica of devout parents, and was a much-longed-for only child. Because of this he received an excellent education. Like his father, Demetrius became a soldier in the Roman army. The emperor Maximian appointed him to persecute Christians in Salonica, but Demetrius confessed his faith and preached […]

Oct. 23 The Holy Apostle James, the Brother of the Lord in the flesh

The holy apostle James, the brother of God, called the Just One, was the first to rule the Church in Jerusalem as bishop. Paul testifies that he was among the witnesses of the Resurrection (cf 1 Cor. 15:7). St. James presided over the Council of Jerusalem and his word was decisive (Acts 15). In his […]

Oct. 21 Our Venerable Father Hilarion the Great

Our venerable father Hilarion the Great followed in the footsteps of St. Anthony , first leading a solitary life near Gaza. Then in this province of Cyprus, he was an outstanding founder and example of eremitical life. He fell asleep in the Lord in the year 372.   Troparion Your abundant tears made the wilderness […]