June 3 The Holy Martyr Lucillian and his Companions

The holy martyr Lucillian was a pagan priest during the reign of the Roman emperor Aurelian (270-275). In his old age he was persuaded to see the falseness of the pagan religion, and with all his heart he turned to the faith in Christ the Savior and was baptized. Under the influence of his preachings, […]

June 1 The Holy Martyr Justin the Philosopher and his Companions

The holy martyr Justin was a philosopher who followed purely the true wisdom he had recognized in the truth of Christ. He instructed by his character, taught the truth of the faith and fought by his writings. When he presented his Apology for the Christian religion to the emperor Marcus Aurelius Antoninus (161-180) in Rome […]

May 31 The Holy Apostle Hermes & The Holy Martyr Hermeas

The holy apostle Hermes, bishop of Philipi, was a disciple of St. Paul. He endured much grief from the pagans for preaching the Gospel, but he died in peace.  According to tradition, he composed the instructive book “The Shepherd,” based on revelations from angels. The holy martyr Hermeas, suffered during the persecution under the emperor […]

May 30 Our Venerable Father Isaac

Our venerable father Isaac lived during the fourth century, received monastic tonsure and pursued ascetic labors in the desert. During the reign of the emperor Valens (364-378), a zealous adherent of the Arian heresy, there was a persecution of the Orthodox, and churches were closed and destroyed. Hearing of the persecution, St. Isaac left the […]

May 29 The Holy Venerable Theodosia

The holy virgin martyr Theodosia of Tyre lived during the third and fourth centuries during a time of great Christian persecutions. At seventeen years of age, St. Theodosia visited some condemned Christian prisoners on Pascha to ask them to remember her when they appeared before the Lord. Soldiers grabbed her as she bowed before the […]

May 27 The Holy Priest-Martyr Therapontus

The Hieromartyr Therapontus, Bishop of Sardi, suffered for Christ in the third century. In fulfilling his priestly service, St. Therapontus enlightened many of the pagan Greeks with the light of the Christian Faith and baptized them. For this, he was brought before the governor Julian and put on trial where he fearlessly declared himself a […]

May 22 The Holy Martyr Basiliscus

The holy martyr Basiliscus was a soldier and a cousin of St. Theodore the Recruit. Through his preaching and example, St. Basiliscus brought many to the Faith. He suffered greatly for the sake of Christ. His two brothers suffered with him and were crucified before he was sent to Prison in Comana where he met […]

May 20 The Holy Martyr Thaleleus

The holy martyr Thaleleus at Agea in Cilicia. Born in Lebanon in the third century, St. Thaleleus was an eighteen-year-old fair haired young man, training to be a physician. He courageously confessed Christ as God. After several attempts to execute the martyr, he was finally beheaded. The relics of the holy martyr Thalelaeus are in […]

May 14 The Holy Martyr Isidore

The holy martyr Isidore was an officer in the Roman Navy in the third century. Once it was discovered that he was a Christian, St. Isidore’s admiral urged him to renounce Christ and made sacrifice to the idol, but St. Isidore refused saying, “You may be able to kill my body, but you have no […]

May 13 The Holy Martyr Glyceria

The holy martyr Glyceria was orphaned at an early age and became Christian. During the persecutions of Christians under the emperor Antoninus (138-161), an edict was issued that all Christians had to offer sacrifice to the idols. St. Glyceria was determined to suffer for Christ. On the appointed day, she drew a Sign of the […]