Oct. 5 The Holy Martyr Charitina

The holy martyr Charitina was a young girl who was brought before a governor of the emperor Diocletian in the year 304. She boldly testified, “It is true that I am a Christian, and a lie that I delude others. O lead those in error to the way of truth, bringing them to my Christ.” […]

Oct. 4 The Holy Martyr Hierotheus, Bishop of Athens; Our Venerable Father Francis of Assisi

The holy martyr Hierotheus was a friend of St. Dionysius (Denis) the Areopagite. Hierotheus was converted by the Apostle Paul shortly after his friend. Paul later made him bishop of Athens. Tradition tells us that Hierotheus assembled in Jerusalem with the Apostles for the Dormition of the Theotokos. He was martyred in Athens. Our venerable […]

Oct. 2 The Holy Priest-Martyr Cyprian; The Holy Martyr Justina; The Holy Andrew, Fool for Christ

The holy priest-martyr Cyprian was originally a pagan magician, in league with evil spirits. He was converted by the words and example of St. Justina and became a bishop of the church. He was beheaded with Justina in Nicomedia in 258. The holy martyr Justina was brought to faith in Christ and then brought the […]

Oct. 1 The Protection of the Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary; The Holy Apostle Ananias; Our Venerable Father Romanus the Hymnographer

The Protection of the Theotokos: On Oct. 1, 911 during the reign of emperor Leo the Wise, there was an all-night vigil in the Blanchernae church of the Theotokos in Constantinople. Standing near the rear of the church was St. Andrew the Fool for Christ, and his disciple Epiphanius. At four o’clock in the morning, […]

Sept. 30 The Holy Martyr Gregory, Bishop of Armenia

The holy martyr Gregory, bishop of Armenia, who after many labors withdrew into a cave near the confluence of tributaries of the Euphrates and there rested in peace in 332. He is called “the Illuminator” and is considered the apostle to the Armenians.    Troparion Today we faithful are invited to sign a hymn, to […]

Sept. 29 Our Venerable Father Cyriacus the Anchorite

Our venerable father Cyriacus the anchorite was born in Corinth of a Christian family, he left to go to Jerusalem and entered the monastery. He learned at the feet of saints such as Euthymius and Gerasimos. He was famous for his silence, his asceticism, and his zeal for the Orthodox faith.    Troparion You made […]

Sept. 28 Our Venerable Father and Confessor Chariton; Holy Wenceslaus, Prince of the Czechs; The Holy Prophet Baruch

Our venerable father and confessor Chariton was abbot in the Old Lavra near Bethlehem in Palestine during the 4th century. He was diligent in prayer and fasting, and founded many lavras in the desert before his falling asleep in the Lord in 362. The holy martyr Wenceslaus, prince of the Czechs, was the leader of […]

Sept. 27 The Holy Martyr Callistratus and his Companions; Our Venerable Father Nilus, Founder and Hegumen of the Monastery of Grottaferrata

The holy martyr Callistratus was raised a Christian and became a soldier. Reported by one of his cohort as a believer, he was imprisoned and ordered to offer sacrifice to idols. He refused. He was repeatedly tortured and still remained faithful, so much so that forty-nine of his fellow soldiers came to believe in Christ. […]

Sept. 26 The Passing of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian

The holy apostle and evangelist John the Theologian reposed when he was more than a hundred years old. He far outlived the other eyewitnesses of the Lord, and for a long time he remained the only remaining eyewitness of the earthly life of the Savior. When it was time for his departure from this life, […]

Sept. 25 Our Venerable Mother Euphryosyna

Our venerable mother Euphrosyna was born to parents long childless, who brought her up in the Christian faith. She presented herself, in man’s clothing, to the abbot of a local monastery, who admitted her and placed her in the spiritual care of the monk Agapetus. After thirty-eight years of living the monastic life, her father […]