Nov. 17 Our Father among the saints Gregory the Wonder-worker, Bishop of Neocaesarea

Our holy father Gregory the Wonder-worker, bishop of Neocaesarea embraced the Christian faith as a youth. He progressed in both human and divine knowledge, and was ordained a bishop. He was famous for his teaching, virtue, and apostolic labors. Having received a fine education, from his youth he strove for Truth, but the philosophers of […]

May 30 Our Venerable Father Isaac

Our venerable father Isaac lived during the fourth century, received monastic tonsure and pursued ascetic labors in the desert. During the reign of the emperor Valens (364-378), a zealous adherent of the Arian heresy, there was a persecution of the Orthodox, and churches were closed and destroyed. Hearing of the persecution, St. Isaac left the […]

April 8 The Holy Apostles Herodion, Agabus, Rufus, and Companions

The holy apostles Herodion, Agabus, Rufus, Asyncritus, Phlegon, and Hermas were among the Seventy Apostles. St. Paul mentions them in his epistles. Herodion was a kinsman of Paul. He  helped the Apostle Peter in Rome, and was beheaded along with many other Christians the day that St. Peter was crucified. Agabus had a spirit of […]

April 7 Our Venerable Father George, Bishop of Mitylene

Our venerable father George was chosen and installed as Metropolitan of Mitylene for his great virtues, which he attained through ascetic labors. This saint governed his spiritual flock prudently and zealously to a great old age. When a persecution began under Leo the Armenian, who destroyed the holy icons, this saintly elder was summoned to […]

April 5 The Holy Martyrs Theodulus and Agathopodes & their companions

The holy martyr Agathopodes was a deacon and the holy martyr Theodulus was a reader in the church at Thessalonica. Agathopodes was adorned with the grey hairs of old age and Theodulus with youthful chastity. At the time of Diocletian’s pursuit of Christians these two were summoned to court. They responded with rejoicing, and, holding […]

April 4 Our Venerable Fathers Joseph the Hymnographer and George of Maleon

Our venerable father Joseph the Hymnographer, priest, who, was a monk, when the destroyers of holy icons were raging in the later part of the 9th century, was sent to Rome to seek the protection of the Apostolic See, and, after he had been afflicted with many trials, finally took custody of the holy vessels […]

April 02 Our Venerable Father Titus the Wonder-worker

From his youth, our venerable father Titus loved Christ the Lord and detested the vanities of the world. Because of this, he retreated from the world, entered a monastery and received the angelic habit. Without regret, he dedicated himself to the somber and narrow path of monasticism. Through great patience, he attained two basic virtues: […]

April 01 Our Venerable Mother Mary of Egypt

Our holy mother Mary of Egypt who, a notorious Alexandrian sinner, was converted to God in the Holy City. With the Blessed Virgin interceding for her, she led a penitential life across the Jordan. She died in Palestine after forty-seven years of penitence (c. 530).   Troparion While you had been a vessel of fornication, […]

March 30 Our Venerable Father John Climacus, Author of “The Ladder”

Our venerable father John Climacus is the author of The Ladder of Divine Ascent. John came to Mount Sinai as a sixteen year old youth and remained there, first as a novice, later as a recluse, and finally as abbot of Sinai until his eightieth year, when he reposed, in about the year 649. After […]

March 29 Our Venerable Father Mark, Bishop of Arethusa; The Deacon Cyril & his Companions

Our venerable hieromartyr Mark, Bishop of Arethusa, suffered for his faith in Christ under the emperor Julian the Apostate (361-363). By order of the emperor Constantine, St. Mark had once destroyed a pagan temple and built a Christian church. When Julian came to the throne, he persecuted Christians and tried to restore paganism. Some citizens […]