Dec. 13 The Holy Martyrs Eustratius, Auxentius, Eugene, Mardarius, and Orestes; The Holy Martyr Lucy, the Virgin

The holy martyrs Eustratius, Auxentius, Eugene, Mardarius, and Orestes gave their lives for Christ in Armenia during the reign of Diocletian (284-305). St. Eustratius was a Roman commander in the city of Satalionus; Eugene was his companion in the army; Orestes was likewise a distinguished soldier; Auxentius was a priest; and Mardarius was an ordinary […]

Dec. 10 The Holy Martyrs Menas, Hermogenes, and Eugraphus

The holy martyrs Menas, Hermogenes, and Eugraphus: Menas and Hermogenes were born in Athens and moved to Constantinople in the 4th century. Both were pagans. Menas was sent by Emperor Maximian to calm the strife between pagans and Chrsitians in Alexandria. While there, he became a Christian. The emperor sent Hermogenes to Alexandria to punish […]

Nov. 24 The Great Martyr Catherine; The Holy Great Martyr Mercury

The holy great martyr Catherine, was an Alexandrian and a martyr, filled with sharpness of mind and wisdom no less than with strength of soul. Her body is honored in pious veneration in a famous coenobium on Mt. Sinai. (310) The holy great martyr Mercury was an Armenian soldier in the army of the emperor […]

Nov. 22 The Holy Apostle Philemon and his Companions; The Holy Martyrs Cecilia, Valerian, Tiburtius, and Maximus

The Holy Apostles of the Seventy Philemon and his wife Apphia lived in the city of Colossa in Phrygia. After they were baptized by the holy Apostle Paul, they converted their house into a house of prayer, where all those who believed in Christ gathered and attended services. They devoted themselves to serving the sick […]

Nov. 15 The Holy Martyrs and Confessors Gurias, Samonas, and Habibus

The holy martyrs and confessors Gurias, an ascetic, and Samonas suffered at Edessa in Osrhoene. They were condemned to death under Diocletian the emperor after a lengthy and savage torture, they were then beheaded by sword. Habibus was a deacon who suffered for the faith later. The martyrs endured everything with firmness and Samonas uttered […]

Nov. 9 The Holy Martyrs Onesiphorus and Porphyrius; Our Venerable Mother Matrona; The Venerable Theoctista of Lesbos

The holy martyrs Onesiphorus and Porphyrius of Ephesus suffered during the persecution of Christians by emperor Diocletian (284-305). They beat them and burned them. After this, they tied the saints to wild horses, which dragged them over stones, after which the martyrs died. Believers gathered the remains of the saints and reverently buried them. Our […]

Nov. 7 The Holy Thirty-three Martyrs at Melitene; Our Venerable Father Lazarus the Wonder-worker

The holy thirty-three martyrs at Melitene: Heiron was a devout Christian who cared diligently for his blind mother, Stratonica. He was forcibly impressed into the army, where he refused to worship idols. He was brought before the local governor with thirty-two other Christians in the year 298. They went to their death singing the psalm, […]

Nov. 5 The Holy Martyrs Galaction and Episteme

The holy martyrs Galaction and Episteme were husband and wife who joined nearby monasteries immediately after their marriage. They did not see each other for many years, until the persecution of Christians which brought them both to court and saw them die on the same day in the year 253.    Troparion Your martyrs, O […]

Nov. 4 Our Venerable Father Joannicus the Great; The Holy Martyr Nicander, Bishop of Myra; The Priest Hermas

Our venerable father Joannicus the Great left the military after more than twenty years in arms to live as a monk and pursue solitary life in different forests of Mt. Olympus. He was accustomed to end his prayer with these words: “God my hope, Christ my refuge, Holy Spirit my protector. He fell asleep in […]

Nov. 3 The Holy Martyrs Acepsimas the Bishop, Joseph the Priest, and Aeithalas the Deacon; The Dedication of the Church of the Holy Great Martyr George in Lydda

The holy martyrs Acepsimas the bishop, Joseph the priest, and Aeithalas the deacon: Acepsimas was eighty years old when the Persian king Sapor began the persecution of Christians in which Acepsimas was seized. He was interrogated, thrown into prison with Joseph and Aeithalas, and were killed when they refused to worship pagan idols in the […]