Nov. 2 The Holy Martyrs Akindynos, Pegasius, Apthonius, Elpidiphor, and Anempodistus

The holy martyrs Akindynos, Pegasius, Apthonius, Elpidiphor, and Anempodistus, and very many companions in Persia were martyred under the emperor Licinius and suffered under King Shapur II. The first three were servants at the court of King Shapur II but secretly served Christ their Lord. When they were accused and brought to trial before the […]

Oct. 30 The Holy Martyr Zenobius and his sister Zenobia

The holy martyr Zenobius was a priest who, in the severity of the persecution under the emperor Diocletian, urged others to martyrdom and himself was crowned with martyrdom. The holy martyr Zenobia, his sister, voluntarily joined Zenobius in his martyrdom in 285. Troparion Your martyrs, O Lord our God, in their struggles received incorruptible crowns […]

Oct. 28 The Holy Martyrs Terence and Neonila; Our Holy Father Stephen the Sabbaite, Composer of Canons; The Holy Martyr Paraskevia of Iconium

The holy martyrs Terence and Neolina were husband and wife from Syria, who were martyred with their seven children for their witness to Christ. Our holy father Stephen the Sabbaite was the author of many beautiful canons. He lived in the community of St. Sabbas the Sanctified, near Jerusalem. He later became bishop, and died […]

Oct. 27 The Holy Martyr Nestor; The Holy Martyr Capitolina and her servant Erotheides

The holy martyr Nestor learned of Christianity from St. Demetrius the Great Martyr. Nestor was moved to defend Christians being tortured in the arena of Salonica, and defeated the brute gladiator who was killing the innocents. The emperor Maximian ordered Nestor to be beheaded in the year 306. The holy martyr Capitolina was a noble […]

Oct. 25 The Holy Martyrs and Notaries Marcian and Martyrius

The martyrs Marcian and Martyrius, Notaries of Constantinople, served in a Constantinople cathedral. Marcian was a reader and Martyrius a subdeacon. They both performed in the capacity of notaries, i.e. secretaries, for Patriarch Paul the Confessor. Arian heretics expelled and secretly executed the righteous Patriarch Paul. His throne was given to the heretic Macedonius. The […]

Oct. 24 The Holy Martyr Arethas and his Companions

The holy martyr Arethas was governor of the city of Nagran in Arabia. He and his 340 companions, in 523 during the time of the emperor Justinian, gave their lives for Christ under Dhu Nuwas or Dun’an, king of the Himayarites.   Troparion Opposing the unbelieving king, after the example of Christ, this holy martyr […]

Oct. 13 The Holy Martyrs Carpus, Papylus, and Agathonica

The Holy Martyrs Carpus, Papylus, and Agathonica: Carpus was the bishop of Thyatira; Papylus, a deacon; Agathonica, sister of the same Papylus. There were many others at Pergamum in Asia, who were crowned with martyrdom for their blessed confession of Christ in the year 250.    Troparion Your martyrs, O Lord our God, in their […]

Oct. 12 The Holy Martyrs Probus, Tarachus, and Andronicus; Our Venerable Father Cosmas of the Holy City, Bishop of Maiuma, the Hymnographer

The holy martyrs Probus, Tarachus, and Andronicus were persecuted under the emperor Diocletian, and gave their lives confessing for Christ at Anazarbus in Cilicia in the year 292. Our venerable father Cosmas, bishop of Maiuma, the hymnographer, was born in Jerusalem. He was a friend to St. John Damascene, whose parents took him in as […]

Oct. 10 The Holy Martyrs Eulampius and Eulampia

The holy martyrs Eulampius and Eulampia were brother and sister. They lived at the beginning of the 4th century in the city of Nicomedia. Eulampius became upset after reading the decree of the emperor Maximian (284-305) sentencing all Christians to execution. Eulampius was horrified that the emperor was taking up arms against his own subjects […]

Oct. 7 The Holy Martyrs Sergius and Bacchus

The holy martyrs Sergius and Bacchus were nobles of the court of the emperor Maximian. The emperor valued them for their courage, wisdom, and zeal. When they refused to offer sacrifice to pagan Gods, the emperor turned against them, dressing them in women’s clothing and paraded them through the city of Rome. They were sent […]