Feb. 1 The Holy Martyr Tryphon

The holy martyr Tryphon was born in Phrygia, one of the districts of Asia Minor. From his early years, the Lord granted him the power to cast out demons and to heal various maladies. He once saved the inhabitants of his native city of Lampsacus from starvation. He was condemned to death by beheading with […]

Jan. 31 The Holy Wonderworkers and Unmercenaries Cyrus and John

St. Cyrus was a noted physician in the city of Alexandria, where he had been born and raised. He was a Christian and he treated the sick without charge. Preaching the gospel, the holy physician converted many pagans to Christ. During the persecution of Diocletian (284-305), St. Cyrus withdrew into Arabia, where he became a […]

Jan. 30 The Three Holy Hierarchs and Great Archbishops: Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and John Chrysostom; The Holy Priest-Martyr Hippolytus of Rome

The three Holy Hierarchs: Basil the Great, Gregory the Theologian, and John Chrysostom: All three of these saints have their own feast days. This celebration began in 1100 in the days of the Emperor Alexis Comnenus. A great quarrel arose in Constantinople as to which of these three was the greatest theologian. They appeared in […]

Jan. 29 The translation of the Relics of the Holy Bishop and Martyr Ignatius of Antioch

The translation of the Relics of the Holy Priest Martyr Ignatius the God-bearer, Bishop of Antioch: Ignatius was martyred in Rome at the beginning of the second century. His remains were later translated to Antioch, his birthplace and his episcopate. During the invasion of the Persians, the relics were once again taken from Antioch to […]

Jan. 27 Translation of the Relics of our Holy Father John Chrysostom

The Translation of the Precious Relics of our Father among the Saints John Chrysostom. In the year 438, thirty-three years after the death of St. John Chrysostom in Coman of Armenia, his relics were transferred to his episcopal see of Constantinople. Troparion The holy church sings praise and the world rejoices. How joyful is the […]

Jan. 28 Our Venerable Father Ephrem the Syrian

Our venerable father Ephrem the Syrian, bishop of Nineveh, who, first in his own hometown of Nisibis, exercised the office of preaching and of handing on holy teaching. Then, when the Persians invaded Nisibis, he fled with his disciples to Edessa in Syria, where he set down the fundamentals of a school of theology, fulfilling […]

Sunday Bulletin 1/28/24

WEEKLY SCHEDULE Saturday, Jan. 27  –  Translation of the relics of John Chrysostom         5:00 PM          Santa Paula Outreach Divine Liturgy Sunday, Jan. 28  –  Sunday of the Prodigal Son           8:30 AM          Matins 9:30 AM          Divine Liturgy Monday, Jan. 29  –  Translation of the Relics of Ignatius, Martyr         8:30 […]

Jan 26. Our Venerable Father Xenophan and his wife Mary

Our venerable father Xenophan and his wife Mary: Xenophan was a senator in Constantinople, where he led a holy Christian life with his wife Mary and their two sons, Arcadius and John. On their way to Phoenicia to study, the young men were shipwrecked and barely managed to escape with their lives. The parents set […]

Jan. 25 Our Father among the saints Gregory the Theologian, Archbishop of Constantinople

Our holy father Gregory the Theologian, archbishop of Constantinople, the friend of St. Basil; bishop of Sebaste, and then Constantinople, and finally Nazianzus. He defended the divinity of the Word with great ardor, for which reason he is also named “the Theologian.” During his time as patriarch of Constantinople, he presided over the Second Ecumenical […]

Jan. 24 Our Venerable Mother Xenia of Rome

Our venerable mother Xenia was of a noble and famous Roman family. As her parents were planning her marriage, she escaped from her bridegroom and fled with two handmaidens to Alexandria for refuge. There she founded a convent for virgins, where she lived an ascetic life until her death in the year 450. At the […]