Sept. 2 The Holy Martyr Mammas; Our Venerable Father John the Faster, Patriarch of Constantinople

The holy martyr Mammas was born in Paphlagonia to Christian parents who were imprisoned for the name of Christ. He was dumb until the age of five, and his first word was ‘mama,’ and it is from this word that his name derives. At the age of fifteen, he was brought before the emperor Aurelian. […]

Aug. 30 Our Holy Fathers Alexander, John, and Paul the Younger, Patriarchs of Constantinople

Our holy fathers Alexander, John, and Paul the Younger, patriarchs of Constantinople: Alexander took part in the First Ecumenical Council. John the Faster governed the Church in the days of the wicked emperor Anastasius. Paul IV governed the Church for five years and then took the Great Schema to repent for his early support of […]

Oct. 26 The Holy and Glorious Great-Martyr Demetrius, Myroblyte and Wonderworker; Commemoration of the Great and Fearful Earthquake at Constantinople

The holy and great martyr Demetrius was born in Salonica of devout parents, and was a much-longed-for only child. Because of this he received an excellent education. Like his father, Demetrius became a soldier in the Roman army. The emperor Maximian appointed him to persecute Christians in Salonica, but Demetrius confessed his faith and preached […]