Nov. 22 The Holy Apostle Philemon and his Companions; The Holy Martyrs Cecilia, Valerian, Tiburtius, and Maximus

The Holy Apostles of the Seventy Philemon and his wife Apphia lived in the city of Colossa in Phrygia. After they were baptized by the holy Apostle Paul, they converted their house into a house of prayer, where all those who believed in Christ gathered and attended services. They devoted themselves to serving the sick […]

Nov. 21 Feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple

According to Holy Tradition, the parents of the Virgin Mary, Saints Joachim and Anna, praying for an end to their childlessness, vowed that if a child were born to them, they would dedicate it to the service of God. When the Most Holy Virgin reached the age of three, the holy parents decided to fulfill […]

Nov. 20 Our Father Gregory the Decapolite; Our Father among the saints, Proclus, Archbishop of Constantinople; Pre-festive Day of the Entrance in the temple of the most holy Theotokos

Our venerable father Gregory the Decapolite first professed the monastic life and then the life of an anchorite. Then he made a journey and settled for a long time in Thessalonica. Finally he returned his soul to God in Constantinople where he fought vigorously in defense of the holy Images during the 9th century.  Our […]

Nov. 19 The Holy Prophet Obadiah; The Holy Martyr Barlaam

The holy Prophet Obadiah is the fourth of the Twelve Minor Prophets, and he lived during the 9th century B.C. He gave food and shelter to all the prophets of the Lord who were being hunted because of the queen’s quarrel with the Prophet Elias. He was part of the 3 detachments of soldiers sent […]

Nov. 18 The Holy Martyrs Plato and Romanus

Born in the town of Ancyra in Galatia, the holy martyr Plato showed early and great perfection in virtue. While still a youth he left home and went through the cities preaching the Word of God to pagans. He amazed his audience with the persuasiveness and beauty of his speech and his profound knowledge of […]

Nov. 17 Our Father among the saints Gregory the Wonder-worker, Bishop of Neocaesarea

Our holy father Gregory the Wonder-worker, bishop of Neocaesarea embraced the Christian faith as a youth. He progressed in both human and divine knowledge, and was ordained a bishop. He was famous for his teaching, virtue, and apostolic labors. Having received a fine education, from his youth he strove for Truth, but the philosophers of […]

Nov. 16 The Holy Apostle and Evangelist Matthew

The holy apostle and evangelist Matthew who, named Levi, was called by Jesus to follow him and leave his job of publican or tax collector. Matthew, son of Alphaeus, was called by the Lord in Capernaum and said: “Follow Me.” After that, Matthew prepared a reception for the Lord in his home and thus provided […]

Nov. 15 The Holy Martyrs and Confessors Gurias, Samonas, and Habibus

The holy martyrs and confessors Gurias, an ascetic, and Samonas suffered at Edessa in Osrhoene. They were condemned to death under Diocletian the emperor after a lengthy and savage torture, they were then beheaded by sword. Habibus was a deacon who suffered for the faith later. The martyrs endured everything with firmness and Samonas uttered […]

Nov. 14 The Holy and All-praiseworthy Apostle Philip; Our Holy Father Gregory Palamas, Archbishop of Thessalonica

The holy and illustrious apostle Philip, like Peter and Andrew, was from Bethsaida in Galilee. He had become a disciple of John the Baptist, and was called by the Lord to follow him. He preached in Phrygia with John the Theologian and Bartholomew. Philip was crucified there upside down on a tree.  When our holy […]