July 01 The Holy Unmercenary Healers and Wonderworkers Cosmas and Damian of Rome

The holy martyrs, wonderworkers, and unmercenary healers Cosmas and Damian were brothers born in Rome, and physicians by profession. They led strict chaste lives and were granted by God the gift to heal the sick. By their generosity and exceptional kindness, the brothers converted many to Christ. Their spiritual influence attracted the attention of the […]

June 30 Synaxis of the Holy and Glorious Twelve Apostles

The synaxis of the glorious and all-praiseworthy Twelve Apostles of Christ appears to be an ancient Feast. The church honors each of the Twelve Apostles on separate dates throughout the year, and has established general commemoration for all of them on the day after the commemoration of the glorious and and first-ranked among the apostles […]

June 28 The Translation of the Relics of the Holy Unmercenary Physicians Cyrus and John

The transfer of the relics of the holy martyrs, unmercinaries, and Wonderworkers Cyrus and John from the city of Konopa, near Alexandria (where they suffered in the year 311) to the nearby village of Manuphin, took place in the year 412. This Egyptian village prompted fear in everyone since in a former time there was […]

June 27 Our Venerable Father Sampson the Hospitaller

St. Sampson the Hospitaller was the son of rich and illustrious Roman parents. In his youth, he received an excellent education. He studied the medical arts and doctored the sick without charge. After the death of his parents, St. Sampson generously distributed alms and set his slaves free, preparing himself to go into the wilderness. […]

June 26 Our Venerable Father David of Thessalonica

St. David of Thessalonica pursued asceticism at the monastery of the Holy Martyrs Theodore and Mercurius. Inspired by the example of the holy stylites, he lived in an almond tree in constant prayer, keeping strict fast, and enduring heat and cold. He remained there for three years until an angel told him to come down. […]

Sunday Bulletin 06/26/22

WEEKLY SCHEDULE Sunday, June 26 – 3rd Sunday after Pentecost          8:30 AM          Matins 9:30 AM          Divine Liturgy Monday, June 27 – Sampson, Venerable; Bl. Nicholas Charnetsky& Others, Martyr         8:30 AM          Morning Prayer 4:00 PM          Evening Prayer Wednesday, June 29 – Saints Peter and Paul (Holyday of Obligation)    5:30 […]

June 25 The Holy Venerable Martyr Febronia

The virgin martyr Febronia suffered during the reign of Diocletian (284-305). She was raised at a monastery in the city of Sivapolis in Assyria. The head of the women’s monastery was the abbess Bryaena, the aunt of St. Febronia. Being concerned about her niece’s salvation, Bryaena assigned Febronia a stricter form of life than the […]

June 24 The Nativity of the Holy Prophet, Forerunner and Baptist John

The Gospel (Luke 1:5) relates that the righteous parents of St. John the Baptist, the priest Zechariah and Elizabeth, lived in the ancient city of Hebron. They reached old age without having children, since Elizabeth was barren. Once, St. Zechariah was serving in the Temple of Jerusalem when he saw the Archangel Gabriel. The angel […]