Sept. 18 Our Venerable Father Eumenius the Wonder-worker, Bishop of Gortyna

Our venerable father Eumenius the Wonder-worker was bishop of Gortyna in Crete in the 7th century. He gave himself with his whole heart to Christ from his youth. He gave all he owned to the poor, and kept a very strict ascetic life of fasting and vigils. Seeing his virtue, the people of Gortyna chose […]

Sept. 17 The Holy Martyr Sophia and her three Children, Faith, Hope, and Charity

The holy martyrs St. Sophia [Wisdom], and her daughters Faith [Vera], Hope [Nadežda], and Charity [Luba] were born in Italy. Their mother was a pious Christian widow who named her daughters after the three Christian virtues. Faith was 12, Hope was 10, and Love was 9. St. Sophia raised them inj the love of the […]

Sept. 14 The Exaltation of the Honorable and Life-giving Cross

The Exaltation of the Precious, Holy, and Life-Creating Cross, which is exalted and honored the day after the dedication of the basilica of the Resurrection built over the tomb of Christ, just as the trophy and sign of his paschal victory would appear in heaven, at last foretelling his second advent to all.   Troparion […]

Sept. 13 The Commemoration of the Dedication of the Holy Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord in Jerusalem; Prefestive of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross; The Holy Bishop-Martyr Cornelius

The commemoration of the dedication of the Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord in Jerusalem: When St. Helen found the Lord’s cross in Jerusalem, she stayed longer in the city and built churches in Gethsemane, in Bethlehem, on the Mount of Olives, and in other places connected to the life and death of the […]

Sept. 11 Our Venerable Mother Theodora of Alexandria

Our venerable mother Theodora of Alexandria who, as a young woman committed adultery on the advice of a fortune-teller. She was accused by her conscience, and left the world, cutting off her hair and dressing as a man in order to enter the monastery of Octodecatos, assuming the name of Theodore. Falsely accused of having […]

Sept. 10 The Holy Martyrs Menodora, Mitrodora, and Nymphodora; Saturday before the Exaltation of the Cross

The holy martyrs Menodora, Mitrodora, and Nymphodora were sisters from Bythinia. Brought up as Christians, they withdrew from the city into the desert to live for Christ alone, and gave themselves up to fasting, prayer, and work. They became famous as a source of healing illness, which brought them to the attention of the governor. […]